The 6 Months Has Rolled Around

You might remember this post, in which I pontificated about the six month sabbaticals that we’d (the Family) be taking from purchasing games.

Well, the first six / 6 months has cycled round.

And you know what, this Discipline isn’t going away. It’s hard, but well worth it.

It’s not just about saving money.

You remove (unless it’s at the turn of the cycle) the “impulse buy”. It’s out of the equation. In the last month, I’ve definitely started thinking about which particular games I’ll want to buy. Taking time, reading reviews, measuring things up .. It’s different, but so far, as said, worth it.

Course, there are probably lots of folk who already do this, or don’t play games at all. That’s cool. This is just a personal (and Family I guess, could go down the road of Raising the Kids into a certain way with Games) journey.

Haven’t even got around to talking about how, in my last post, I was all braggy about writing a post a day. It’s been exactly 20 days and not a thing. Ha ha, that’ll learn me.

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