Pressing the Reset Button on the Site Design

It’s time to refresh the site. This current theme has been pretty much this way since conception, with a few alterations and mods along the way.

Back when I just blogged on Dev Dawn, I went through numerous theme changes. Which was fun.

Just this week I booked into the Revolution. Actually, the Revolution 2, Brian Gardner’s brainchild. So now I’ve got a bunch of very cool themes to work with.

I’m not a designer. That’s pretty obvious to any thing with an eye and a brain to interpret the signals transmitted :) So what I like about a package like found in the Revolution 2 offering is that there’s enough diversity in the content to allow me to have choice, AND it’s wordpress, so I know it’s infinitely (for my L-plate skills) moddable.

Another perk, I’m hoping, of the re-design is that it will somehow grant me the ability to write less posts, but more .. potent. We’ll see.

Maybe not less posts, as less pretty much describes the flow of content here lately.

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