Why C Is Better Than C++ and Other Stories Of Opinion

003joh-bjelke-peterson-wideweb-430x426 Opinion.

It drives our society and our singularity.

C is better than C++.

Python is better than both.

No, Machine-Code is the way to go.

If you don’t use PHP for web you’re an idiot.

Scripter? Please.

Rails rules.

Rails bites.

Language Arguments suck.

If you can get things done in PHP then major (Major) kudos. If Rails makes you your first million, awesome high-fives. If Cobol still floats that old-school boat, go for it.

Don’t tell me why a language sucks. Show me what can be done. Make something. Use the tools you have and get it done.

Get it done.

Get. It. Done.

Here’s my opinion:

I’d rather make something with the tool I have than sit and argue about whether the tool is all it could be, or whether the tool is not what it should be.

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