Late To The i-Party

It’s as big a leap in technology as I’ve experienced.

Perhaps I’m a little late to the party, but as of a few days ago my tech world has been forever changed.

What is this that you speak of? I hear you think across the interwebs.


It’ll change things. And if it doesn’t, then that’s sad.

The ability to do many tasks remotely. Apps that because of the smallness, the restrictions, the perceptions, actually work better on an iPhone than my pc.


I’ve used Facebook more in the last couple of days than ever before. And that’s a big deal. I don’t like Facebook. But the iPhone has caused a deep shift within my patterns of tech discipline.

I discovered a time keeping app which is perfect for my contract work. It keeps tracks of my hours while I work on my laptop.

Even the seamless compact methods of Google use (Email, Reader,Talk) is fast growing on me.

I leave you with some of the photos my 5 year old took this afternoon. Oh, and this post was sent from my little tool of awesomeness (iPhone).





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