London Baby!

I’m sitting in front of a very cozy fire somewhere in the wilds of Northern Ireland.

Underground! Last Thursday and Friday I was treated to the sights and sounds of London. I arrived via Fly-Through-The-Air-Mobile at around 5am to Heathrow, and immediately got on the wrong side of the lady behind the train station counter by asking what would be the best train to get to a particular address (where we were staying).

I arrived at the station quite a while later, emerging into the brisk air of a London morning. I wandered around a little, asking people for directions. I finally went into a Starbucks and got some helpful advice. About two miles later I hit up some Police-Folk who advised me I needed to walk all the way back and another mile or so.


In the map Joey! Anyway, after a shower and wotnot, I started to enjoy the stay. We got into the city proper (I suppose), and immediately got into the map.

London is an interesting place. Especially for a mortal such as myself who hasn’t ever been there, and tends to be very child-like in my excitement.

First. Let it be known that it was in London I had my first New York sandwich. Salted roast beef. Some kind of gerkin-ee thing. Mustard perhaps? Whatever made up that delightful piece of delicacy, it was fantastic.

Tiny CarsSecond. Because it was quite cold outside, I figured a fellow such as myself who sweats a great deal would have it wonderfully brisk throughout the day. I forgot to take into account that everyone else doesn’t like to be cold, and so the inside of places is quite warm.

Third. They have some small cars.

Fourth. And this is true for Ireland now that I’ve visited here a bit too. When you look at a building, it’s possible that the building has been around for a long time. I mean, in Aus, it’s an old building to have been around at the turn of the century. Here, wowza. That’s a youngling.

Only being a day after Remembrance Day (11/11), there was a lot of memory around.

Remembrance Day

We discovered a section for the Gurkha’s, and decided to do a cross for Grandpa.

Francis William Fielding White

After this, my brain started to blur. We were given a guided tour of St. Pauls Cathedral. That was a wonder. So much history. One particular piece is that after the Second World War, a fair chunk of the space was given over to architecture for the United States, the men who served, died, and the help that they gave. Also, you get to have a cup of tea in the Crypt. Also, everywhere important has a Crypt. But it’s friendly. No zombies or ghouls that I could see.

I’ve got a couple of videos that’ll hopefully be edited into a single and put up here soon.

I’ll leave you with a picture of Dad and the GIANT lions. Which are metal. But still awesome.

Dad and the Giant Lion

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