The One Forty Words Project, Progress

I’ve written 25 “140 Words” stories (some of these are scheduled over the next couple of weeks).

That’s over one seventh of the target one hundred and forty stories.

Yay for art!

It’s a measurable target, and it’s not too big.

That is, it’s not like some of my old project ideas .. like writing a computer game or an entire novel. Ha.

This however takes almost no time, and it happens without too much thought needed.

Google Docs is my friend. I open up a new document and start writing, pressing C to check the word count towards the end.

If the story doesn’t fit, doesn’t come, doesn’t fly .. the doc gets named “(140 Words)” and saved, then I start over with a new one.

A simple process.

Just started thinking about the word count for this post. Nice.

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