We All Went To The Polling Booth

The tension and pressure that whirls around politics has always been foreign to me. The first time I got to vote, it was at a youth camp up in the wilds near Tamworth. I voted for who my parents voted for. My good friend and political mind Gra was there, and still ribs me today for it.

It wasn’t because I couldn’t think through the issues, or worry over who would do this or that or where the country would go with my vote.

It was because, in the simple parts of my brain, it didn’t matter so much.

But that’s me. Politics ARE very important. They form part of God’s Will for our creation.

The Bible is very clear about respecting our leaders. It says to do it. Simple.

There’s a gentleman in the U.S. who has a blog about christian ministry. It’s really good. Heartfelt and passionate, broken and humble.

He wrote a piece called “On God’s Election of Obama”.

It’s a very clear rebuke (and encouragement) not to make an idol of politics and not to forget that our Almighty God is absolutely SOVEREIGN.

One line in particular hummed and sang in my heart as I read it.

The worst event in the history of the world is when we hung our Creator on a tree and let him die. We all went to the polling booth and said, “We will not have this man to rule over us.” We voted against the very incarnation of goodness, righteousness, and truth.

Ahhh, perspective. How good is that!


Thanks Mr C Michael Patton .. The Lord bless and keep you and yours.

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