<<silently>>\n<<set $home_mainroom_table_empty = true>>\n<<set $backpack_empty = false>>\n<<set $backpack_jacket = true>>\n<<set $backpack_wrench = true>>\n<<set $backpack_keys = true>>\n<<set $backpack_princessbridedvd = true>>\n<<set $backpack_kitchenknife = true>>\n<<endsilently>>\nYou take everything on the table and put it in your backpack.\n\n[[Move away from the table|Home_MainRoom]]
You step out across the threshold of your little home.\n\nNight has fallen.\n\nYou turn back. There is no door. No home. Just grass and flowers stretching back into the darkness.\n\nYour journey begins.
Contents:\n<<if $backpack_empty>>\n//- Empty//\n<<else>>\n<<if $backpack_note_1>>- Note that you found on a pillow in your bed. It just says 'Goodbye'.<<endif>>\n<<if $backpack_jacket>>- A heavy jacket. Bulky. Fur-lined.<<endif>>\n<<if $backpack_wrench>>- A wrench. Let's be honest .. You're going to use it as a weapon aren't you?<<endif>>\n<<if $backpack_keys>>- Keys. A whole chain of them. One of them for the bathroom door.<<endif>>\n<<if $backpack_princessbridedvd>>- A DVD case for The Princess Bride. This movie isn't just a classic. It is THE classic.<<endif>>\n<<if $backpack_kitchenknife>>- A dull kitchen knife. One you use to spread butter with.<<endif>>\n<<endif>>\n\n<<return>>
The note reads:\n\n-\n\nGoodbye.\n\n-\n\n[[Put the note back|Home_MainRoom_Bed]]\n\nOr, [[Take the note|Home_MainRoom_Bed_TakeNote]]
It's your bed<<if $home_mainroom_bed_lookatnote>>, which we've been over previously<<endif>>.\n\n<<if $backpack_note_1>>You've already taken the note from the pillow on the made up side.<<else>><<if not $home_mainroom_bed_lookatnote>>The bedding on one side is messy. \n\nThe other side is made up, and there's a note on the pillow.\n\nYou read the note earlier, or you think you did.<<else>>I'm guessing you really want to look at the [[note|Home_MainRoom_Bed_Pillow_Note]], so go ahead.\n\nBut be careful. There are some things better off left to the past.<<endif>><<endif>>\n\n[[Move away|Home_MainRoom]]<<silently>><<set $home_mainroom_bed_lookatnote=true>><<endsilently>>
How the Twice-Killed Ill-Met One began his journey.
<<silently>>\n<<set $backpack_empty = true>>\n<<set $backpack_note_1 = false>>\n<<set $backpack_jacket = false>>\n<<set $backpack_wrench = false>>\n<<set $backpack_keys = false>>\n<<set $backpack_princessbridedvd = false>>\n<<set $backpack_kitchenknife = false>>\n<<set $home_mainroom_bed_lookatnote = false>>\n<<set $home_bathroom_locked = true>>\n<<set $home_mainroom_table_empty = false>>\n<<endsilently>>\nDarkness falls. \n\nThe long night has come.\n\nYou shrug, your empty backpack shifting into place a little better.\n\n[[Look around|Home_MainRoom]]
There isn't much to see.\n\nThis little cottage has been your home for the last three years. \n\n<<if $home_mainroom_bed_lookatnote>>[[Your bed|Home_MainRoom_Bed]]<<else>>A [[bed|Home_MainRoom_Bed]] in the corner<<endif>>, <<if $home_mainroom_table_empty>>an [[empty table|Home_MainRoom_Table]]<<else>>a [[table|Home_MainRoom_Table]]<<endif>> in the center, a [[frontdoor|Home_MainRoom_FrontDoor]] and <<if $home_bathroom_locked>>another [[door|Home_Bathroom]]<<else>>[[your bathroom|Home_Bathroom]]<<endif>>.
<<silently>>\n<<set $backpack_note_1 = true>>\n<<set $backpack_empty = false>>\n<<endsilently>>\nYou put the note into your backpack.\n\n[[Close Backpack|Home_MainRoom_Bed]]
-- Author Stuff --
You move to the table.\n\n<<if $home_mainroom_table_empty>>//-The table is empty.// (told you so!)<<else>>On it you see the following:\n\n<<if not $backpack_jacket>>- Jacket.<<endif>>\n<<if not $backpack_wrench>>- Wrench.<<endif>>\n<<if not $backpack_keys>>- Keys.<<endif>>\n<<if not $backpack_princessbridedvd>>- The Princess Bride DVD.<<endif>>\n<<if not $backpack_kitchenknife>>- Kitchen knife.<<endif>>\n\n[[Take Everything|Home_MainRoom_Table_TakeAll]]<<endif>>\n\n<<if not $home_mainroom_table_empty>>Or, <html> </html><<endif>>[[Move away from table|Home_MainRoom]]
A Saul Nathanial Story
<<if $home_bathroom_locked>><<if $backpack_keys>><<set $home_bathroom_locked = false>>You unlock the door, open it and step into a dimly lit bathroom.\n\nWhy would your bathroom be locked?\n\n[[Return to the main room in your house|Home_MainRoom]]\n<<else>>You cannot open the door because you have no key.\n\n[[Move away from the door|Home_MainRoom]]\n<<endif>><<else>>You step into your dimly lit bathroom.\n\n[[Return to the main room in your house|Home_MainRoom]]\n<<endif>>