Day #6, Too Much Pressure

[ Spoiler Alert for Bones and Heroes, kind of, although if you watch them you would know about this ]

Wow, just watched the season 3 finale for Bones and an episode of Heroes season 3.

Zach was the apprentice. Crazy. How did it happen? I mean, what did the guy use to appeal to Zach, to bring him onto that path. Am hoping season 4 (which is a fair way along in the States, maybe finished) will give us some more info on that.

And then, Heroes was mind-blowing, as per the last few episodes. Peter’s Dad has arrived, and just took/stole/leeched? Peter’s powers. Very cool.

So today was another great day. We recorded the voices for episode 3 of The Plastic Detectives. Now I’ve got the pieces, just have to put them together.

Am getting caught back up into Eldest again.

That’s about it for the moment.

Day #3, Shooting In The Breeze

As a Monday, today was definitely weird (it’s getting hard to spell things the right way when the software tells me I’m wrong). My brain kept telling me I was throwing a sick day. Continually tried to make me stress about work tomorrow, or something that needed doing right now.

Rest is hard. Proper rest. Not lazy vegetating, but true rest. I spent most of the day NOT thinking about work, salary or otherwise.

It’s always a different matter when you read a series of books in a row (or at least a few of them), as I’m doing with Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle.

Eragon made a big splash as a movie a while back, at least in my memory. I’m finding the books (a good way into the second book, Eldest) quite a good read. Easy, excellent momentum, and full of imaginative story-telling.

When I think about other authors, Raymond E. Feist springs to mind. It could be the map, and the Elves being at the top, and the fact that Eragon is about to meet the Elves in the section I’m reading at the moment.

This evening, early while the light was good, I shot the outside scenes for the third Plastic Detectives episode. It’s going to be a cracker, at least, I’m excited :).

Will do the rest of it tomorrow hopefully, along with the recording, and possibly the editing and release. All depends on how the motivation goes, and outside disturbances like wrestling with the kids, or eating food.

Watched an excellent episode of Bones tonight. Seeley gets shot at the end, the very end. It’s such a good show. All the characters are like gems, revealing more with each turn of the sun.

That’s a wrap.