Clarion Folklore #2–Rastus Wants To Wrestle, Heroes Happen and Twitter Means Awesome

Clarion Folk Lore #2 is live!


Apologies Jan for mis-pronouncing your name! Didn’t realise it was a y not a j.

I’m still working out Audacity. I seem to have reached the limit of what it can handle with how many different streams, one for every time someone speaks.

Which reminds me, I need to splice better.

I’ll be breaking up the segments again, exporting to high quality mp3, then importing them all in together for #3.




  1. How do you get code to run in a procedure AFTER you’ve RETURN’d?
    1. have a class that is instantiated in the scope of the procedure, make sure that class has a .DESTRUCTOR2)
  2. Name two ways to run code in a procedure PRIOR to getting to the CODE statement
    1. use a class that instantiated in the scope of the procedure, and make sure it has a .CONSTRUCTor
    2. (may require C6+), declare a variable with an initial value, that is an expression
      1. that expression can even be a procedure call
        1. ex:  MyVar  LONG( SomeProc(42) )
  3. How do you figure out where the running executable is?
    1. see COMMAND(‘0’)
      1. Obviously Rastus got this a little wrong in the podcast.

The Beginning, The First Clarion Folklore Podcast!

Yes, you read it here first .. and only.

Clarion Folk Lore is the "Premium! She Needs Premium Dude!" of Podcasts.

Warts and All (and this is ugly, quite quite ugly), here it is:



  • The Kuler website is, not the other way around as I mistakenly spoke.
  • "Rastus" was the name of our dog growing up. He was the same age as me, and died when I was thirteen. He was a "bitsa", big enough to scare off people, but not too big. He was an awesome fella. His full name was actually "Rastus McTavish" .. heh heh.