Why Some Things Last ..

.. And others don’t.

Too many good tv shows are sent to the burial grounds.

Too many bad tv shows are given medpack after medpack.

Why did Firefly have to die, and any reality show live?

What will happen to RJ‘s last book? This new guy, he is not RJ. But if he’s good, if he breathes life back into the one-time King of Epic Fantasy, I’ll be okay.

What has happened to Dragon Age? I feel like I’m waiting an eternity for another Planescape or Baldur’s to sink my teeth into. I know they weren’t perfect, but man alive, I loved em.

And one more thing. Wolverine the movie better not suck.

Every exterior link is Wikipedia? Lazy lazy boy.

Ten Reasons Why Mal Is Better Than Luke


Mal would shoot Jar Jar in the leg, at least the leg.

I know, Jar Jar and Luke probably never met. But still.



Mal has a big brown coat, no robes.

The Matrix proved that big coats were better than robes. Unless Raistlin or another awesome magic user was wearing them. And just because Luke was technically a magic user doesn’t mean he escapes .. Coats >> Robes for heroes.



Mal has River as his foil.



Darth Vader would be better in the Firefly universe. He could be king of the Reavers.

This doesn’t really make sense as a reason .. but i’m putting it in anyway because how awesome would that be.



Mal has crew.

Han had crew. But we are talking bout Luke.



Mal loves his crew.

I’m not sure Luke ever had this dimension. I mean, that George actually thought it through more than a couple of seconds.



Mal can take an absolute beating and still make wisecracks.

This is, obviously, not limited to Mal, many heroes pre and post have had this powerful ability. But Mal is pretty awesome at it.



Mal hangs out with Jayne.



Mal says stuff like "Shiny" and "Misbehave" in ways that make me want to be cool and say them too.




Mal named his ship Serenity.


Naturally, some of these points aren’t very water tight. The Coats/Robes one especially reeks to me. Robes are cool. Especially Jedi’s wearing Robes. But because we got to understand the importance of Mal standing there in a big brown coat (the importance of the coat itself, the meaning of it all), then it trumps robes just for robes sake.