What I’ve Been Up To

I’ve just put the Clarion Folk podcast live. It’s over an hour, which is too long. Will be trimming the structure for next time.

Chris Brogan gave me the thumbs up to post on DadOMatic, which I just did now, here. It’s a fantastic site, something that struck a chord in me the first article/post I read. Awesome stuff!

The script for the 3rd episode of The Plastic Detectives is coming along. It’s putting aside singular time to do it that’s the problem.

Am working on the first flash game for the The Plastic Detectives site. "Working" means at the moment I’ve thought about it, installed FlashDevelop, and done a couple of tutorials.

I’m working on something new too. Not sure what will come of it. A couple of things I’ve tried to solve is modelling "Relationships" and some other customer relationship functionality.

Oh, and I’ve been successfully walking and running 5 kms each way to my salary work for the last two weeks. Walking TO work, and running FROM work. Heh heh.