Clarion Folklore #2–Rastus Wants To Wrestle, Heroes Happen and Twitter Means Awesome

Clarion Folk Lore #2 is live!


Apologies Jan for mis-pronouncing your name! Didn’t realise it was a y not a j.

I’m still working out Audacity. I seem to have reached the limit of what it can handle with how many different streams, one for every time someone speaks.

Which reminds me, I need to splice better.

I’ll be breaking up the segments again, exporting to high quality mp3, then importing them all in together for #3.




  1. How do you get code to run in a procedure AFTER you’ve RETURN’d?
    1. have a class that is instantiated in the scope of the procedure, make sure that class has a .DESTRUCTOR2)
  2. Name two ways to run code in a procedure PRIOR to getting to the CODE statement
    1. use a class that instantiated in the scope of the procedure, and make sure it has a .CONSTRUCTor
    2. (may require C6+), declare a variable with an initial value, that is an expression
      1. that expression can even be a procedure call
        1. ex:  MyVar  LONG( SomeProc(42) )
  3. How do you figure out where the running executable is?
    1. see COMMAND(‘0’)
      1. Obviously Rastus got this a little wrong in the podcast.