An End, A Beginning

This will be one of my final posts on Pimp My Clarion.

As part of the Tech Evangelist job, I’ve moved the "redesign" of Pimp My Clarion into a separate project, new URL and all that (the URL hasn’t been set in stone yet).

My apologies to all those who have been offended by the use of ‘Pimp’ in the title. And in my language. I’m remedying the title with the new site, and I’ll do my best to clear it out of my vocabulary. Need to find another word .. ‘Bling Bling’? Heh heh.

There has been some renewed newsgroup action on my post from a few days ago, subject line: ‘[Pimp My Clarion] All Hail Clarion’. It’s good to see people sharing their thoughts and concerns. It’s far more important we talk these things through in a private or public arena with clarity, diligence and .. ‘compassion’ might be too strong a word, but something like that. Not jumping around waving a fire brand.

THANKYOU to everyone who I’ve conversed with over the last few days. Without exception I’ve gained more understanding with each conversation. Each email.

There are a lot of plans for the immediate future. I hope that the community not only benefits, but truly succeeds. Not just because of what I do, but because of what people will see _can_ be done, and that sparks them into further action.

That’s a very generic paragraph .. but I can’t be more specific at the moment. Apologies.

Changes (PimpMyClarion)

The time has come .. Pimp My Clarion is going under the surgeon’s knife. And this time .. it’s not just a change of WordPress template .. { cries of joy are heard across the lands }.

It’s been a while coming. I’ve been lax in posting. I’ve been lax in the generation of enthusiasm on this blog.

Here’s to the new year! Watch this street corner .. soon my Fur Coat, Cane and Bling will be replaced with Starbucks .. or something like that. Ha.

I almost forgot to add .. At this stage the new Pimp My Clarion will be written, appropriately, in Clarion, using NetTalk for the WebServer.

{ Pumps fists in the air, rocky style } Bring it ON!!!

Tomorrow the World!

It’s possible that I’ll be changing the way this place works. I’m reviewing the blogs/sites/projects that are current, and making some decisions.

I need a personal blog. I need somewhere to store any comics I draw, things I write, songs I record, and just to blab thoughts.

If this happens, Dev Dawn will change. I’m thinking down a "review" site, or maybe more. Not sure.

Pimp My Clarion will stay the same, except more focussed. I won’t have personal inane posts going up. The same will go here.

It may take a little time. But reorganising is definately going to tighten up my agendas. My milestones and wotnot.

This will mean the Dev Dawn template will go the way of the Dodo. It was fun to create, actually, it was a nightmare .. but I learnt a lot. Today the lame javascript comic viewing code, tomorrow the world!

Pimp Is A Bad Word

This post was conceived and written at least a month ago. It seems that now the site has been indexed by Google. But the picture was too good to let slip into the dim recess of my memory alone.


Over the past couple of weeks I have been working hard to get this site up to scratch, S(earch) E(ngine) O(ptimisation) -wise. It’s got some handy plugins, a Google Sitemap, and pings everything under the sun.

However, it seems I had something wrong even before that (this is my guess). Even searching for the entire Title Tag in Google returns no links to this place.

It’s (obviously now to me) the actual URL. More specifically, "Pimp". Bad word. Bad.

A sad predicament, especially considering I’ll probably have to come up with a different name for the site. Might have to start looking around for others who have faced this predicament.

The Sleeper Awakes

Greetings my fellow earthicons.

I’ve been absent, it’s true. Many and varied have been the adventures experienced. Terrifying aliens, quantam light infarction travel, mega phaser guns, and killer drop-bears.

It’s true. I have been absent. But not without excuses. I have a hundred of them. The alien’s pet raptor-like-creature ate my work. I grew tired of meaningless programming when my brain was wired into the Borgmind. My kids needed the computer. The cockroaches took over our house. The Aliens with the pet Psuedo-Raptor came and ate the computer.

One of the reasons is .. Pimp My Clarion. I’ve released it just tonight, with posts that will go every day or so (timestamped to appear). It’s taken a while, mostly because at the end I decided to change hosting to Media Temple.

I have gotten through a big piece of functionality for Rasp. The last major piece for the next release is going to be harder I fear. Custom Content Pages. Basically a File created by Rasp, HTML (most probably). 

But along with this, there are other changes afoot. And more.

Aussie DevCon is arriving within the month. I’ve been preparing my talk for a while, but it’s still just points and notes. Lots of chopping and changing. Crazy ideas, firing one after the other make it hard to string stuff together normally. Have to go _monk_ (Zoolander ref.). Or, better, have to strip out all the crud and focus on the single purpose of what I’m talking about. Then fill it with better crud. :).

Alrighty, nuff for the mo.

About PimpMyClarion


Draw yourself a mental picture of a world where Databases and Screen Design meet together and dance around the Tree of Templates.

Clarion (Soft Velocity) is a tool. It is nothing more than what you can do with it, as goes with others. In the end, it is up to you.

With this in mind, we bring you PimpMyClarion. It’s a site dedicated to telling people about Clarion.

Nifty Facts :-

– Dictionary + App = (compile) Application

– Template functionality means POWER

– 3rd Party Tools blow the lid open

– Clarion 7 is bringing .NET

– Dev Cons Rule!


Stu has been using Clarion for a couple of years now. Long enough to know he’s just dipping the edge of the water.

His personal blog can be found at