Pirates Are Just Cool!

We began watching the third "Pirates of de Caribbean"  movie last night.


(Picture snagged from the official site, here)

What a blast! I love these movies, the first two just got better (unlike the Matrix films, of which the first will always be some of the best filmmaking ever done)

One thing that became clear to me last night was the bits of "unreal" ness about the film. The way characters do almost silly things, like a monkey firing off a firecracker. It’s just a little bit left of center. And the whole film, well, the first two, and what we’ve seen of this one, are this. This world they have put together, this world of pirates and lords and death and kraken, it’s a _magical_ world.

Really, for me, they’ve nailed storytelling. I’m not an expert, but I know what I like. And this I like.