Version Control Systems

Arnor started a very useful post on the newsgroups regarding Version Control software.

The following are the systems that came up in the discussion (apologies if I missed any). Some of these aren’t full systems, but helpers in the process:

Seems like there’s a few out there. Apparently Serena is quite expensive, and VSS generates contention as to it’s usefulness :).

ClarionMag has some fantastic articles on the subject. Here’s a good search list. There’s a couple of Tortoise articles in particular, Dave Harms, and Mark Geisinger.

Also, here’s the Topical Index for Source Control at ClarionMag.

Tortoise SVN is good. I use it, although not properly. My main use is for incremental backups, at which it rules. I can "Commit" and know that my changes have been backed up right away. No fuss. I can also "Revert" to any of the previous points. That is an awesome ability, and very easy to navigate through.

It takes a little setting up, and I’ve still got to put my head around the actual Version Control part. Those articles will help.

Tortoise Tips

When using Tortoise SVN and want to get a copy of an svn repository somewhere, it’s easy (apparently not for me .. took me a few searches of forums to discover this).

  • Create a directory (easy-peasy).
  • Right-Click and locate the Tortoise Menu (again, easy).
  • Choose the Export option.
  • Enter address of repository.
  • You’re good to go, things will start downloading.

Now, you’re rightly wondering just what point this little tip has. Well ..

I kept choosing Import. It made sense, I want to import to my directory from their directory. And I kept coming to a username/password deal that had me stumped.

Of course, it’s the opposite. What you are really doing is exporting from their directory to yours.


p.s. First post on new hosting. Whaaaahoooo.