Space Office Fight: Rehired

Visit website to order for Android or iOS.


Saul Nathanial Story #prelude

This is a very short interactive story, more of a test to see what Twine could do.

Built with Twine.

Play the Saul Nathanial Story #prelude



Ballikin is a game that takes the best bits of games like Minecraft, Diablo, Terraria and World of Warcraft to bring you a 2d adventure of epic proportions!

Can you save the kingdom of Serenity?

Built with Clarion.

Download Ballikin


Space Office Fight 2

Fight against the evils of Bureaucracy, pitting your agility and power against the Might of the CONGLOMERATE!

Built with Flash.

Play Space Office Fight 2


Space Office Fight 1

The original game where you battled the CONGLOMERATE.

Built with PyGame.

Download Windows Install
Download RAR Archive

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