2009, November: Innovate09 (PayPal)

In November 2009 I had the amazing experience of going to San Francisco and attending Innovate09, the first PayPal Developers Conference. On the first night there was a party, and the guys made me the happiest ”gal in the world, letting me sing “The PayPal Song“. Awesome.

As an aside, I also got to sing “Super Powered Geek“.

2009, October (Eden): Aussie Clarion Developers Conference 2009

I had the privilege of MCing the weekend of the Clarion Devcon. It was an absolute blast. Unfortunately noone video’d Saturday Night with Stu, which would have provided a few laughs, particularly of Ken and I arguing about answers to trivia questions. Heh.

2009, August: Cloudcamp Sydney

Put together this song in a day (can you tell) for a “Lightning Talk”.

2009, June: Barcamp Sydney

Again, a hap-hazard performance, but got me “Most Entertaining”, which had some nice swag!

Other Stuff

There’s more things. But redoing this is harder than I thought.

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