Busy Comes And Stays


Have been moderately busy lately. And not just "work on projects late into the night busy" either. It’s the kind of busy that has you out of home, visiting, meetings, NOT doing the cool things like hanging with the family, watching telly, playing games and working till late.

I’ve started a new "NON PAYING" (joy) project.

Taels Online has been and gone twice before now, over the last six years or so. It’s now back, hopefully for good. Check it out.

Will hopefully have the first episode of "The Plastic Detectives" up soon. It’s a show/story/something that the kids and I are making. Our voices combined with lots of toys. Heh.

About (Old, from original StuAndrews.com)

The Tortoise and the Hare

The Hare is cool for some people. He’s fast and sexy and always getting attention.

The Tortoise is slow and steady. Rock-solid, but perceived as boring.

I’d like to think there’s nothing stopping the Tortoise merging with the Hare in a freaky glorious mashup.

For many years I’ve not pushed my Identity, partly because I wasn’t aware of _how_ to do it, but mostly because I wasn’t up to snuff. Now I am. I’ve never had a Rockstar life, never run off the rails. The Business projects (no startups in the web sense) I’ve invested time and effort into are not making me rich and wealthy right now. But I push on, dreaming of the Hare and walking like the Tortoise.

No Rest For The Wicked

Watched the final episode of Supernatural, Season 3 tonight. While it didn’t hit the heights of the Terminator:SCC final (with "The Man Comes Around" – Johnny Cash), it was still quite awesome.

It was an ending I didn’t hope for. I hoped that they’d find a way to beat Lilith and see that Ruby was brought to redemption. But no. Noooooo. And that’s what made it great.

Also, "Carry On Wayward Son" just fits the show like a silk glove. A sexy velour silk glove.

My only trouble is that really .. this is nothing to glorify. The show doesn’t by any means, and it’s a story, nothing real. But there is a reality to the spiritual world. One that is dangerous. Need to remember that when I’m watching.

George Smith, Captain My Captain

What a game! What a marvelous spectacle! Seriously, awesome rugby at it’s craziest. The last time I was so excited watching a match was when we beat NZ in the semi-final of the World Cup back in 2003.

One thing. I think it would have been a different game if Richie McCaw was on the field.

Go the Wallabies!

Dr. Horrible, Please Grant Us More!

I’m watching Dr. Horrible. I’ve watched the start over about 10 times.


"With my freeze ray I will .."

Awesome. Actually, the quote above doesn’t go with the screen, but you know.

Really, every time I get into a piece of Joss Media, my creative juices get all stirred up. Here’s to new projects, adventures, stories.

Little By Little (Again)



Today was the first time, running home, that I felt .. improved.

And it wasn’t just in my head. I shaved a little more than 2 minutes off my best time, maybe more. This is great. Although I didn’t push really hard, I did push harder.

So here’s to gradually getting fitter, ha.