Late Night Coding and Burn Notice

Michael Westen always lays it out clearly in the voiceover. That’s one of the best things about the show, but it happens mostly underneath the layer of story-telling.

That is, we know Michael is going to tell us something. He’s going to give us a hint of what is coming. Usually just before it does, and sometimes revealing a larger plan. And every now and again, he gives us a choice piece of wisdom after the plan hasn’t gone according to .. plan.

I don’t do a lot of late-night coding at the moment.

But here I am, working away, getting distracted as the tiredness weighs down the eyes and the mind.

The problem is I don’t lay it out clear. Sure, there’s an end goal in sight (“Create an Invoicing module”), but from there on it’s react. React. React.

And when you get tired, that leads to mistakes.

What my brain needs, when late at night coding, is a Michael Westen voice-overing the way ahead.

That would be cool.