The 6 Months Has Rolled Around

You might remember this post, in which I pontificated about the six month sabbaticals that we’d (the Family) be taking from purchasing games.

Well, the first six / 6 months has cycled round.

And you know what, this Discipline isn’t going away. It’s hard, but well worth it.

It’s not just about saving money.

You remove (unless it’s at the turn of the cycle) the “impulse buy”. It’s out of the equation. In the last month, I’ve definitely started thinking about which particular games I’ll want to buy. Taking time, reading reviews, measuring things up .. It’s different, but so far, as said, worth it.

Course, there are probably lots of folk who already do this, or don’t play games at all. That’s cool. This is just a personal (and Family I guess, could go down the road of Raising the Kids into a certain way with Games) journey.

Haven’t even got around to talking about how, in my last post, I was all braggy about writing a post a day. It’s been exactly 20 days and not a thing. Ha ha, that’ll learn me.

Clarion 7 #4–We Add 3rdParty Functionality

This video is codenamed “Bart Allen”

This time we add System Tray functionality via a 3rd-Party template.

This has been an excellent series to do, and has only whetted my appetite for more.

If you have any ideas for what you’d like to see in Video (and not limited to Clarion 7), please leave a comment, email me, or get on the Skype channel.

What Would You Like To See In The Next Clarion Folkview Video Series?

Clarion 7 Video #1–A Simple Beginning

This video is codenamed: “Jay Garrick”

Welcome to a new series on Clarion Folk. We’re taking very small glimpses at Clarion 7.

To begin, we have the simplest of tasks. Create an App, compile and run it.


Stay tuned, tomorrow we open up the embedditor and do some coding.

Four Days Of Video

Next week I’ll be firing off a new segment, taking a very quick and simple look at Clarion 7.

Even after the short time I’ve been using Clarion 7, I’m excited. Already, going back to Clarion 6 and not having the alignment “blue bars” has me pining.

That is, to me, a great sign. That in such little time, the enhancements can become ingrained into my work habits.

Kudos to SV!

Clarion Folklore Podcast #3 Is Live!

"You get to see your code in the context of the code around it. That’s not something that many systems offer you."

– Bruce Johnson



Ken Wragg

Bruce Johnson

Stu Andrews

Some Of The Things We Talk About:

  • Clarion 7
  • Conversion from Clarion 7 to Clarion .Net
  • The Entry Level Barrier to Programming is low. Yet Programming is much harder.