Pod-Casting Call

I’m in the process of putting together the first Dev Dawn Podcast.

One of the segments, if it flies, will be DevEx, Developer’s Experiences.

The first theme for experiences is Installation Woes.

So send in your experiences! Nothing is too small, too trivial, too large, too gargantuan. All tales, all experiences are welcome and looked for.

You can contact me a few different ways.


sandrews at devdawn dot com


theunguru at gmail dot com

clarion irc channel

  • server : irc.cw-talk.com
  • channel : #cw-talk
  • username : Stu

or,You can use the Contact link above.

Trouble, Trouble ..

Edit (2):

Have discovered more .. it seems that the header.php page is definately the culprit. Javascript calls, wp_head(), and some links all contribute to the long load time. Will set about cleaning it up when I get some time.

Edit (1):

After some preliminary testing, it seems whatever is initiated in the header.php and footer.php files is the major culprit. Take those away, and we load in about 1.2 seconds.

Of course, no css (and whatever else) means it’s a plain looking site.

More later.

Not sure if it’s my pc. I don’t want to think about the possibility of my new hosting being the problem.


Dev Dawn is having issues.

I’ve been trying to clean up the front page, so that it loads faster. I’ve removed a bunch of stuff out of the Sidebar. It should theoretically work.

The problem is, that I can make changes immediately to the database, which should show up, or even to the files themselves, via ftp, and it takes a long time to show.

I’m contemplating going back to basics.

Dev Dawn today has taken an average of 10 seconds, or thereabouts, to load. That is woeful.

More on this later,

I’m A Directory! See My Films, See My Films ..

.. Put my skillset to the test!

Last week I created a Demonstration Movie of my logistics/freight software for a prospective client.

The Archer Freight System, Initial Demonstration.

Wink was my capture software of choice again.

This time, I opted for a point-and-click method, as opposed to voice-over and no input. So the viewer has some interaction with the movie, and for non-techo people, it’s also probably a little easier to see the flow of the demonstration when they can control it.

I chose to use "Input Driven" capture, as opposed to "Timed". This was purely on a whim. Essentially, as the name would suggest, it takes a capture whenever keyboard or mouse input is detected.

At first, when editing, I ruled it a mistake. I was having trouble understanding why the program would just skip ahead. But then, as I began adding in frames to slow it down, I realised that for this kind of movie, it was actually a good choice. No voice, so you can directly control what gets added.

Of course, there’s quite a few issues with the movie. But it got me the client, so I’m happy for that.

Too, I hadn’t driven the system for over a year and a half. So my understanding of how it all worked was a little rusty.

Anyway, have a look at the video, tell me what you think.


Spherical Phoke Interview :: Russ Eggen

It’s a mammoth piece of soundbytes. Even split three ways.

Welcome to the next Spherical Phoke Interview.

Russ Eggen is a Clarion Developer of great reknown. He worked for Topspeed (deader than a doornail, once Developer of Clarion) and SoftVelocity (very much alive, and current Developer of Clarion). He attends and speaks at Conferences and Galas (okay, made the Galas up) all over the world. And you know what .. to use a bit of aussie slang, he’s a top bloke.

The Interview has been split into three parts. They are quite lengthy, and I will give a quick summary now.

Instead of 3 parts, the interview is now 6.

[audio:interview_russeggen_06-06-21-1.mp3] [audio:interview_russeggen_06-06-21-2.mp3] [audio:interview_russeggen_06-06-21-3.mp3] [audio:interview_russeggen_06-06-21-4.mp3] [audio:interview_russeggen_06-06-21-5.mp3] [audio:interview_russeggen_06-06-21-6.mp3]

Part One

In which we talk about, amongst other things ..

  • Aliens, Tom Cruise and L.Ron Hubbard.
  • The good qualities of MS Visual Studio
  • The better qualities of Clarion 7 (predicted sure, but i’m voting for in the bag)
  • Thusly, Clarion 7 being KING OF THE WORLD
  • .. I realise that my headset mike wasn’t plugged in, and proceed to plug it in, resulting in a wonderful chorus of hallelujahs as the really bad quality of pops and crackles and background noise is muted instantly.

Also, I experimented with putting music at the start of Part One, and at the end of Part Three. It’s possibly way too loud.

Part Two

In which we talk about, amongst other things ..

  • Topspeed and Softvelocity, The (Some) History
  • Sticking up for Frustrated Newsgroup Posters
  • The latest Clarion Video
  • Aussie Seminars

Part Three

In which we talk about, amongst other things ..

  • Pimping Clarion as another Tool in the Skillset
  • Experiences Presenting to Big Companies
  • Clarion in Universities
  • Comparisons between Sydney and Melbourne
  • Bringing a Spycam into the SoftVelocity Offices
  • I sound like a twerp trying to talk about Rugby Leage & Union
  • Bumping into InnQuest

There you have it. Cheers, Thanks and Regards to Russ for his time. I understand it’s quite expensive :), so I’m very thankful that he was able to spare an hour and a half to chat with us.

‘Nuff Said

Tortoise Tips

When using Tortoise SVN and want to get a copy of an svn repository somewhere, it’s easy (apparently not for me .. took me a few searches of forums to discover this).

  • Create a directory (easy-peasy).
  • Right-Click and locate the Tortoise Menu (again, easy).
  • Choose the Export option.
  • Enter address of repository.
  • You’re good to go, things will start downloading.

Now, you’re rightly wondering just what point this little tip has. Well ..

I kept choosing Import. It made sense, I want to import to my directory from their directory. And I kept coming to a username/password deal that had me stumped.

Of course, it’s the opposite. What you are really doing is exporting from their directory to yours.


p.s. First post on new hosting. Whaaaahoooo.

Movement at the Station

I’m moving Hosts .. the current Borg Masters suck .. to put it mildly. Have been having a lot of problems with them, and the stability of their servers.

I’m going to be the proud hostee of HostGator, who allow me a great deal more than my previous masters.

What this means is that the site could be down for a few hours .. so please, bear with me, and hopefully soon we’ll have a better Dev Dawn experience for everyone.

Spherical Phoke, The Song

Well. After a few hours last night, and less than one this morning .. it’s done.

The quality (take that as you will) is terrible. I recorded this on my laptop microphone, which is good enough for chatting, but nothing much more. The pickup in my acoustic is busted, so this is the only way i can record at the moment.

Grainy, statiky, some stumbling over chords and words, and a couple more bugs.

But it’s done.

For The First Time .. Dev Dawn brings you ..

Spherical Phoke