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Last week I created a Demonstration Movie of my logistics/freight software for a prospective client.

The Archer Freight System, Initial Demonstration.

Wink was my capture software of choice again.

This time, I opted for a point-and-click method, as opposed to voice-over and no input. So the viewer has some interaction with the movie, and for non-techo people, it’s also probably a little easier to see the flow of the demonstration when they can control it.

I chose to use "Input Driven" capture, as opposed to "Timed". This was purely on a whim. Essentially, as the name would suggest, it takes a capture whenever keyboard or mouse input is detected.

At first, when editing, I ruled it a mistake. I was having trouble understanding why the program would just skip ahead. But then, as I began adding in frames to slow it down, I realised that for this kind of movie, it was actually a good choice. No voice, so you can directly control what gets added.

Of course, there’s quite a few issues with the movie. But it got me the client, so I’m happy for that.

Too, I hadn’t driven the system for over a year and a half. So my understanding of how it all worked was a little rusty.

Anyway, have a look at the video, tell me what you think.


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