Escaping The Escapist

What happened?


This is what The Escapist used to look like.

(On the side, how AWESOME is the Archives website!)

I remember when the Escapist Magazine was a really clean and lean .. machine. It was a games magazine without the ads for light-speed graphics cards. It was a comic without ads about getting sand kicked in your face. It was TV without ads for beer and lotto and ..

Stopping now. I guess, what I loved about reading the Escapist, the old Escapist, was this:

It was like watching your favourite TV show on DVD. No ads. Nothing but the content you  were reading.

It’s not any more (and it happened quite a while ago).


This is what The Escapist looks like now.

*Sings ode to lost but not forgotten things*

Drawn To Development

Had another crazy day of brain-straining development. And now it’s 7pm, the kids are asleep, and She (using the word as in that awesome song, not the cat’s mother) is out at Bible Study. So what am I doing ..


Developing software, naturally.

Tonight it’s a mix of need and want. I need to do some work on a project system I built. Web Content Management. But I _want_ to work on it, and other things.

Does your brain seek out new projects?