A Summary So Far Of Your Marketing/Advertising Ideas

Back on the 14th I posted $10 Million To Make A Clarion .Net Ad.

There was a great response, both here and on the newsgroups. Following is a summary of your thoughts:


Murray Gillespie

  • It was a simple ad, "Ease of use vs Price", that sold Clarion to him.

Richard Rose

  • Language. Appgen. Smart Approach. Templates. Integration. Code Generation (from Dave).
  • Talk about global companies who are using it. Mentioned largest construction company in the world (www.alrahabeach.com).
Billionaire Bill Gates

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Dave Harms (http://clarionmag.com)

  • "Templates" while the world was saying "Objects".
  • Quote: "We’ve been doing code generation since Bill Gates was in short pants. And now we do it for .NET."

Gustavo Pinsard

  • "From novice to expert, to customer satisfaction."
  • True language. Strong code generation capabilities built into the IDE.
  • Screenshots:
    1. A piece of Clarion source.
    2. Appgen in action.
    3. Image picturing satisfied Customer.
  • Programmers / Developers AND Customers / End Users.

Paul MacFarlane

  • Do a World Tour.
  • Give out Subscriptions.
  • Training Class, in two halves.
    1. Demo the program, Instructor creates an App.
    2. Attendees create their own Apps.


Paul MacFarlane, Mark Riffey, Pratik, Myself

  • Conversation about the Intangibility of Advertising.

Andy Morgan, Dave Harms, Jeff Slarve, Richard Rose, Myself

  • Conversation about Trial Versions, Time Limit, Usage Counters.


  • Hold a conference next to MS Visual Studio‘s next one.
    • "Clarion: Be productive .. Be Profitable."

Paul MacFarlane, Richard Rose, Andy Morgan

  • Conversation about World Tour, User Groups.

Art Bonds, Myself

  • Pirate jokes. Because no conversation is complete without them.


There you have it. If I’ve left anything out, please let me know in the comments.

This was a fantastic exercise. I’m going to continue down the same vein.

What would you like me to ask the Community next?