Code Signing Certificate Pain

I’m having a world of trouble trying to prove my Company is real so I can get a Code Signing Certificate.

Since it was created, we’ve moved residence and it’s name has changed. These two events have combined to form an impenetrable logic barrier for the people I’m talking to.

In other news .. Well there’s a bit.

  • Pushed the Ashfield Presy site live last week ( Have used the “Office” theme from Revolution Two. Fantastic stuff.
  • Tweaking Oldaer (my new piece of software) functionality
  • Have been going off at work with the Web Systems. Actually, just with work. Today I created and pushed live three builds (two web systems, one desktop update. Can’t explain why the brain is in such a purple patch. Things are clicking.
  • Have come up with a venture for the new year. It’s got to do with my favourite sport, Rugby. That’s all for the moment.
  • Another venture for the new year is .. A Development Help site, of sorts. We’ll see how the planning goes. Suffice to say, I’ve got wiser heads than I helping me out.
  • Lastly, I’m playing WAY too much Sacred 2. This game. If you’ve seen my Tweets, then you’ll get a glimpse into the crazy. It’s fit my gaming brain like a really, really, REALLY comfy glove.

Night night.

Code-Signing Your Applications

There’s been some great discussion on the Skype channel about Code-Signing your software applications. Especially with Vista this is something that we cannot ignore. Vista’s UAC makes it difficult for the User to install un-signed applications. This in turn will establish doubt and annoyance in them, at _us_, the developer.

The conversation led me to three links.

After reading the article I still don’t like UAC, but I do understand it better.

How has UAC affected your development?