The Solo Blog

I’m having trouble distinguishing between blogs lately. My other blog,, is a bastion for all things Clarion. Well, no .. it’s a repository for my opinions vaguely centered around Clarion.

So I must return here to post about other stuff. The stuff that comes to me in the night, the thoughts, the crazy ideas.

Yesterday I received a rather awesome present.

A Dell XPS 1730, nicely specced. Not to the max. The max was quite a few thousand more.

Nonetheless, it performs amazingly. Also, quite astonishingly, Hellgate London also arrived in the local EB Games yesterday.

So I had to give the beastie a wee testie.

There were a few issues. Some big ones that I hope are fixed. It seems there are a few problems with DirectX 10, the XPS’s use of NVidia drivers for it’s dual 8700M GT’s, and the fact that SLI isn’t apparently supported by NVidia for these cards. Of the last, I’m really not sure. It’s all wierd.

Anyway, for a long time, I couldn’t get the game to run. I was fiddling with different configs. Nothing with DirectX 10 chosen will work. With DirectX 9, I had to not have a couple of higher-end settings chosen.

But for the first time, ever, I could crank out AA, and the game ran like a dream. I’ve never owned a piece of machinery that could have ANY level of Anti-Aliasing running. Very sweet.

And the game itself is awesome. I think we (Oz) got it a day earlier than other countries (I generically laugh in their direction). There wasn’t any news at all on the release online, and although the game window says there is a patch, I couldn’t get to it. Also couldn’t register for an Account. That sucks. I want the patch!

Not that the game doesn’t run .. because it does. And how! It really does seem like it’s gonna suck the hours like D2 (or the first in the Diablo flava).

Anyway, I’ll also be using this thing to work. Yes. Work. Indeed.