Have been sick the last couple of days. Haven’t been able to dedicate the vast resources of my frontal-upper-lobal-braincells to blogging, as they’ve been preoccupied with the control of bodily functions that make babies of us all.

Heh heh. Waaaay too much info I know.

My morning’s reading comprised of this Ajax toolkits review. It’s nice to have them put side by side, looking at the benefits of each one. Will definately equip you with a bit more knowledge of what’s going on in that world.

Dojo, GWT, and Atlas excited me the most, on cursory glance.

Atlas because it’s gonna heavily integrate with a .NET Server (exactly whatever that means) and we know how much the commercial sector (read: Big Business Dudes) love to know you know .NET.

GWT because you actually write in Java (despite the problems this might bring). I like the idea that it translates on the fly.

And Dojo because it’s got backing from Sun and IBM, and because it sounds very robust, with a large amount of functionality.

So yeah. Not much of a thought today .. but enough for a blog :).