Firefox and Chrome Showing Garbage

Just when you think it’s safe to go out at night.

In Firefox, going to both “” and “” reveals what’s in the picture.

In Chrome, going to “” does the same thing, although the “” works fine.

I’ve given Google a half-hearted search, but seriously? This is quite bizarre.

And to top it all off, the Uploader (Flash or not) for WordPress Images isn’t working for me. Crunches, but doesn’t actually write the files to the upload directory. My permissions are okay.


Firefox 3 Uses Far Less Memory Than Other Browsers

There’s a very cool post on the blog, Firefox 3 Memory Usage.

There’s a lot in the post. Reducing Memory fragmentation, the Cycle collector, how image data is stored .. and lots more.

Down towards the bottom there’s a graph showing memory Megabytes over Time for IE7, Firefox 2 and Firefox 3. It’s a bit freaky. Firefox 3 has such a dramatic memory reduction. You would expect some benefit with a new version, but this is phenomenal.

What is also a bit weird is the continual increase in memory (relatively) for IE7. Someone at Microsoft is feverishly coming up with a different graph. Or trying to reduce memory in IE8. Or perhaps they don’t care.

Firefox The Second

So, Firefox 2.0 is out .. and the people did cheer.

My five seconds with it reveals ..


  • great new look
  • Memory baby! Pages on closing, Plugins
  • changed the interface for extensions/themes, bundled them together into one window
  • shortcut for extensions/themes now doesn’t work
  • shortcuts for some individual extensions don’t work (reported by Dan)

My Extensions Not Compatible

I know this is pretty crazy, Firefox 2.0 is just out, but i thought it might be of interest.

  • Download Manager Tweak
  • Inline Autocomplete
  • Live Writerfox
  • Tab Mix Plus

I wasn’t using Inline Autocomplete anyway. Live Writerfox was just sitting there. Not sure about the other two .. perhaps  the new features of Firefox 2.0 have squeezed them out? Not sure.

Anyway, here’s some piccies.

– You can see that the Menu links for Extensions and Themes are now merged into "Add-ons"


– Here’s the Add-ons window. Extensions and Themes are now tabs (well, not normal looking tabs .. nice pretty ones)


– Sexy Tabs! (vanilla, right outta the box)


– Some more pretties .. buttons have had a makeover.


I haven’t got any news on actual grunt, processes, how it handles load. This is just a two-second overview. Time will give us the other things.