The Value of Full Disclosure

disclosure-001Gary’s latest post about some new features on his blog reminded me of a simple blogging process that I completely forgot about. The value of disclosing what you are doing on your blog, even though it’s plain to see.

So I have made some changes to the sidebar.

You’ll now see my FriendFeed badge. It’s a listing of all the "streams" that I’ve added, and my Comments and Likes totals.

FriendFeed is a service I’d like to write some more about, at some time in the future. It’s basically a big river, and you can grab a shovel and add your own streams to it. Mostly in an effort to bring more rain so that your streams become rivers, tributaries, and maybe in turn help others to add their own.


Next up is my Google Reader Shared Items badge.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Google Reader is a service that monitors all your favourite blogs (and some other things) so that you can view them from one place. New posts are easily recognised, there’s a fantastic "Trends" sub-service, which shows you what you read most amongst other things, and you can easily Share. Hence the above badge.

Basically, it’s a list of the things I really found interesting, or liked, or just want to tell people about.


My Lijit search has been on here for a while, but I took some time to clean it up at the Lijit end. I’d put in bad data, and needed to organise my profile better. I think it’s working much better now.

Lijit gives you search across any of your services, and other people’s too, depending on how it’s set up. There’s more, but I haven’t really gotten there yet.


Finally, I’ve added IntenseDebate comments to the blog. I’ve had them on Clarion Folk for a while now, and the service is good. Thought it was time to move them across.

Concluding Conclusions

So, Full Disclosure.

There’s a lot of ways to spread yourself out on the web today. This is good and definitely bad.

The new changes are a reflection of the trends I’m following, the services I’m using. Hopefully one or more of them might help you out too.


Stu Talk #1 – Practical Community Identity

I don’t want my Presence aggregated. I want it globally available.

Establishing your Web Presence is a hard job. It’s made especially hard because most of the methods given to us today fragment our presence. If you have more than one email and one blog/site then you will be diluted.

Having a single Web Presence is a lofty goal. But I believe it’s doable. Even without the backing of major corporations, it can be done.

Watch the first episode of "Stu Talk" to hear my current thoughts on how we can attain Practical Community Identity!

Cheers to Viddler. It’s a very cool service.

And a thousand Kudos to Gary Vee (this post in particular) who sparked me onto this new medium. I’d not considered it before yesterday. Cheers!

Also, I’ve just the last 24 hours given FriendFeed the once over. I like it a lot. It looks like it solves one aspect of having a single Web Presence, being the aggregation of your Presence into one place.

However, that’s not what I’m on about in this message. I want more than aggregation. I don’t want my Presence aggregated. I want it globally available.


  • Why do you think having a single Web Presence is important? Or why is it _not_ important?

Stu Talk #4 – My Kudos for Gary’s "Good People Day" (GPD08)


I say "Props" way too many times. Zero would be better. Apologies for that.

Gary really is bringing a lot of energy and inspiration and joy and life to the community. Gary .. Thankyou for all your hard and crazy work!

I’ve been hearing a lot of "good people" kudos to folk within the twitter-web-dev-tech community. I’d like to add another segment to that .. our favourite book authors.

So here are two of mine, George R. R. Martin and J.V.Jones (my sig on the forums is "theUnguru").