Clarion in the “Hello World” Collection

Clarion is part of a massive huge list of Hello World programs.

Here’s the list, and here’s the Clarion entry.

There’s a lot of programs and languages (including human ones) in the list. It would seem we have a lot of ways to say the same thing. To make the same thing.

I wonder if there was a "Tower of Babel" for programming? Like did everyone get together one day, intent on building "The One" language? It might have gone something like this:

Mr. X – "Compiler is everything."

Mr. Y – "Un-Typed vars!"

Mrs. S – "Restrictive variable names."

Miss Y – "As we speak it!"

Suddenly the room erupts in a vicious nerd argument. As we know, these are the worst. Name calling and scratching and plotting revenge with a twenty-three sided dice.

Alas, due to hubris and other plant-sounding words, "The One" language was never built. To this day, it’s ruins can be seen scattered throughout the various "lesser" languages.

True story.