Version Control Systems

Arnor started a very useful post on the newsgroups regarding Version Control software.

The following are the systems that came up in the discussion (apologies if I missed any). Some of these aren’t full systems, but helpers in the process:

Seems like there’s a few out there. Apparently Serena is quite expensive, and VSS generates contention as to it’s usefulness :).

ClarionMag has some fantastic articles on the subject. Here’s a good search list. There’s a couple of Tortoise articles in particular, Dave Harms, and Mark Geisinger.

Also, here’s the Topical Index for Source Control at ClarionMag.

Tortoise SVN is good. I use it, although not properly. My main use is for incremental backups, at which it rules. I can "Commit" and know that my changes have been backed up right away. No fuss. I can also "Revert" to any of the previous points. That is an awesome ability, and very easy to navigate through.

It takes a little setting up, and I’ve still got to put my head around the actual Version Control part. Those articles will help.