We Miss You George (Song)

George Smith, Rugby ExtraordinaireSome folk will tell you that George Smith was good, but not great.

I”ve already dealt with them.

Here”s an ode I composed to the greatest modern player of rugby since .. errr .. since I started getting into it ..

[audio:WeMissYouGeorge.mp3|titles=We Miss You George]

A Response (In Song) To The Foolish Wisdom Of Easter

It’s very sad to hear and read of Church leaders giving forth their own brand of message about the meaning of Easter.

This song needs to be sung by someone with a better voice than me, but here it is for the moment.

Come Follow Him

[audio:ComeFollowHim.mp3|titles=Come Follow Him]

The PayPal Song (Where Nessie Is Real)

Ahhh, it might not be manly, but this song makes me giggle. You’ll know which parts.

It’s less than a week until I’m off to San Francisco to Innovate09 (the PayPal devcon), and this song appeared in my brain yesterday and finished up tonight.


I had a completely different song to begin with. But this just flowed. And was funny. Heh heh. Wiping the Matrix 2 and 3 from history. Gold.

Super-Powered Geek

In preparation for recording the PayPal Song I’m writing :), I decided to record Super-Powered Geek.

This was a song I wrote for Barcamp Sydney 2009. It’s on YouTube already, but this is my “home” edition.

Spherical Phoke, The Song

Well. After a few hours last night, and less than one this morning .. it’s done.

The quality (take that as you will) is terrible. I recorded this on my laptop microphone, which is good enough for chatting, but nothing much more. The pickup in my acoustic is busted, so this is the only way i can record at the moment.

Grainy, statiky, some stumbling over chords and words, and a couple more bugs.

But it’s done.

For The First Time .. Dev Dawn brings you ..

Spherical Phoke