Stu Talk #7 – I Love My Job


Why do you love your job?

What is your job?

Although kitchy and lame, I love my job because my job is life. I’m not going to limit myself to "work" from nine till five. That’s not good enough. My job is every part of my life, regardless of responsibility or method or madness :).

How is your job?

Stu Talk #6 – Hi! I’m Stu Andrews, And I’m A Software Dev At Google


I think I really get Google App Engine. Not so much in a technical fashion (although it’s pretty simple on the surface), but in a _global_ sense.

Earlier this evening I watched the first video of their revealing of Google App Engine. As I watched, a couple of thoughts started popping into my head.

They coalesced into the video above.

So watch what I would have said if I were Google.

I’m still having trouble with the whole video process. Tonight the sound just wouldn’t sync. I had to try a number of configs before getting it right. I even uploaded to Viddler a whole file before I watched it and it wasn’t right.

Here’s to getting quicker at doing these things.

Stu Talk #5 – Harness Your Sparkbug


There’s an idea that I’m clarifying here. Beginning to clarify.

This process started when I posted a comment today and used the word *spark* meaning that the post (Community and Your Business as a Social Object by @pistachio) fired my brain. It pushed my mind in a direction that I wasn’t headed in at that moment.

That is what the SparkBug is.

I have to work out the mp4->mpg size thing. It’s not working like the mp4->avi used to.

Stu Talk #2 – The Best Set Of Tools

What is the best set of tools we have today?

It’s not Microsoft Visual Studio, Adobe Massive Takeover the World Suite, or even any of the Social Media APIs.

It is us, what we bring as individuals to our day.

Simple, straight-forward and such common knowledge that it seems pointless and foolish to say.

But it is the first thing to go in our day-to-day working lives.

Stu Talk #1 – Practical Community Identity

I don’t want my Presence aggregated. I want it globally available.

Establishing your Web Presence is a hard job. It’s made especially hard because most of the methods given to us today fragment our presence. If you have more than one email and one blog/site then you will be diluted.

Having a single Web Presence is a lofty goal. But I believe it’s doable. Even without the backing of major corporations, it can be done.

Watch the first episode of "Stu Talk" to hear my current thoughts on how we can attain Practical Community Identity!

Cheers to Viddler. It’s a very cool service.

And a thousand Kudos to Gary Vee (this post in particular) who sparked me onto this new medium. I’d not considered it before yesterday. Cheers!

Also, I’ve just the last 24 hours given FriendFeed the once over. I like it a lot. It looks like it solves one aspect of having a single Web Presence, being the aggregation of your Presence into one place.

However, that’s not what I’m on about in this message. I want more than aggregation. I don’t want my Presence aggregated. I want it globally available.


  • Why do you think having a single Web Presence is important? Or why is it _not_ important?