No Rest For The Wicked

Watched the final episode of Supernatural, Season 3 tonight. While it didn’t hit the heights of the Terminator:SCC final (with "The Man Comes Around" – Johnny Cash), it was still quite awesome.

It was an ending I didn’t hope for. I hoped that they’d find a way to beat Lilith and see that Ruby was brought to redemption. But no. Noooooo. And that’s what made it great.

Also, "Carry On Wayward Son" just fits the show like a silk glove. A sexy velour silk glove.

My only trouble is that really .. this is nothing to glorify. The show doesn’t by any means, and it’s a story, nothing real. But there is a reality to the spiritual world. One that is dangerous. Need to remember that when I’m watching.

Sawyer Is Still Cool, Terminator Kicks, Stewie With A Beret

Okay, I had to post up some telly watching experiences.

Lost began on our (aussie) sets two weeks ago. Haven’t watched last night’s episode yet. But the first one was .. well, it was awesome.

They are introducing completely new tangents. The people trying to rescue them, the shack with Jacob and .. Hurley going mental, again. The Oceanic 6. How awesome was that .. triggered so many thoughts, not the least of which is "Who are the other three?????".

The Terminator series debuted over here this week. And I really liked it. Part of that is because John is being played by one of my favourite characters from Heroes Season 1, Zach (Claire’s friend who videos her dropping from the oil (??) structure).

But not just that. { yelled long and loud } RIVER! Man alive, I should have been sad to see her outside of Firefly/Serenity, but no. It was good.

Lastly, watched the double episode of Family Guy last night where Stewie and Lois go at it. Very bizarre. Stewie on the boat with a Beret killed me. Ha ha .. and more, where Brian is accusing him of killing Lois and he twists his head around. Ha ha ha. Classic. Creepy.