Sensing Infinity

This isn’t exactly a development post. Not at all.

Since I could read, certain characters have really been emblazoned on my memory. Certain aspects, or characteristics, of characters moreso. I was trying to think through why on the drive home from holidays.

And it struck me simply .. it is a sense of Infinity.

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. .. :).

Take the Hulk. He is my primary example, but there are others.

Throughout the comics, there are mentions of the fact that .. the madder Hulk gets the stronger he gets.

This statement has never been broken in the comics, as far as I am aware. It still stands as truth.

And this statement is my point.

The Hulk has a sense of infinity to him. He has a characteristic that cannot be measured by any known terms. This is what I grasped.

There aren’t many characters that spring to mind straight away .. but if you think through your favourite ones, it might be that you will find something similar. Granted, the Hulk is not my favourite fictional character .. this Infinity complex is not the only factor in determining how much I rate them. But it’s a big part.

Haven’t really sorted it out yet in my mind, as the post’s lack of conciseness testifies .. but it was some well-spent moments in the car while the kids weren’t fighting :).