How Many Again?

Was reading that at least 4 people have played over 1500 games of Warcraft 3 on the Battle.Net servers.

Now, without trying to estimate how many offline games they have played, or the number they played during the beta test, that approximates to 14 games a day since Warcraft 3 entered the stores in July. Now, when you consider that the average game takes 20 minutes (check out the Warcraft 3 ladder stats here), it comes to a grand total of 280 minutes. That’s 4 hours and 40 minutes. That’s game time .. doesn’t include chat time, or lag or dropout.

Now, to the unsuspecting one, under 5 hours a day might not seem like a lot .. or it might. Let me just say .. it is. That’s 5 hours a day for approximately 110 days straight. This brings us to an ever grander total of 550 hours, which is 22.916 repeata days out of 110, which is about 20%.

A whole lot of stats that just say these guys spend a lot of time playing Warcraft 3. A lot of time.

Goodwill and Salutations to you all,