The Small X-Differences

Watching X-Men 3 last week I was struck with the importance of Forget-Me_Knots.

What are these wonderful creations? I hear you cry.

Well (heh heh). In my avid imagination, they are the small elements of a story (medium) that mean nothing to the people/world in the story at that time, but mean a great deal to us, the viewer.

X-Men 1.

The minor, short scene where the group is examining wolvie’s body structure. The short glimpses we got pushed me over the edge. Surely now that shows that Wolvie had claws all along! Surely there

… that needs changing …

X-Men 2

A minor glimpse of Hank McCoy in Non-Fuz form.

The mutant lists Stryker had compiled.

I mean, seriously, who amongst you hasn’t paused there and read through the names, those that you can see,

Come on .. hands up.

The way Bryan Singer delivered these Forget-Me-Knots was excellent. Subtle and deft, they added depth to a movie that already had more going on than the average bear coudl follow.

And the Comic Book Guy within me loved it.

Now, X3 didn’t seem to have these.

The scene where Bobby turns the fountain into ice and he and Kitty skate on said ice.