With a Little Help from Stephen King

Writing works of "imaginative fiction" has always intrigued me. I remember one holidays at our Nan’s place. I spent ages putting together a (I think) 14-page book for my sister’s birthday. It was about a princess, a knight and a dragon .. Although my memory is very foggy. It was a huge huge accomplishment .. I think there were at least 3 words per line, maybe 6 lines per page. All-in-all a massive work of fiction genius.

I was reminded of this while reading Stephen King’s book "On Writing" last night. The first half o the book (his history) is very easy to read. The second half is a little more "packed", being about the actual process of writing.

You can never stop learning. That is what I’ve learnt. If you aspire to write something, never think you’ve learnt all there is to know about writing. In any area, no matter how insignificant you might think it is. So for all the aspiring writers out there (me included), an attitude of a student is a good place to begin.

I’m not trying to sound like an ancient professor, rather like someone discovering another little nugget of gold, wishing to share the knowledge.

Goodwill and Salutations to you all,

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