Ajax (not the Telamonian)

Oh baby. Waaaay back (couple of months) when this site got moving, I posted a few times about Ajax, and how cool it sounded, and even started looking into it.

It’s back on my radar.


I missed the best link of them all … Check out Zimbra. Not that this is counterproductive to a certain other email engine that’s being developed :) … it’s all good.


The journey begins here on Slashdot, then proceeds here to a story of how the Web-based Office will have it’s day. From here we have a host of different apps that are appearing (mostly in beta form, and requiring registration to use, but free. Writely is a word-processor. Openonmy is a file-system. Kiko is a calendar thingy.

(EDIT :: It must be noted that the some of the Slashdot-ians had questions regarding this … A very valid question.)

It’s all pretty cool. We need to get on the band wagon.

Of course, a statement like that is dumb. There needs to be a … need, a purpose. But i’m sure there is. Just need to find it. What kind of stuff could we do? … I guess it puts the web-based solution more into the forseeable future. The agent being able to log on and maintain their data. Like SalesForce I guess. That’s not really going to take away from the power of the desktop … but it could definitely be a short-term goal to offer in excess of what we do now. As in, an extra feature, for the "rich and powerful". A Premium feature.

What kind of features could we offer that are premium?

Well i guess the Intranet could definately be done in Ajax. But that needs more of a base design reconstruction.

What else?

I’m sure that most of the web stuff being talked about and thought through at the moment could definately do with a perspective of Ajax. It’s a valid development set of standards/tools that we should get on board with.

So … the bandwagon. Let’s get our gear on!

Oh yeah … Telamonian … check out Answers.com – Ajax Telamonian and Wikipedia – Ajax (Aias) Telamonian. Greek mythology, there’s nothing like it. It should be a prerequisite course for development, especially when needing names for systems … heh.

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