Simply Complex

I’ve had something percolating (i looked that up on :)) for a while.

When writing a System, whatever it is, no matter how large or small … there are elements the same throughout.

This also ties in with the email Bill sent around about a generic tools dll … it’s part of the overall picture. And there is more i believe. Not so much if you use an "end" or a "dot" … heh heh, but standards that give consistency. So that even if you do it differently, it is consistently done across your projects, that everyone can understand it if they saw the code.

Another element is how to keep track of what has been done in the project. Not just when multiple people work on it, but when you come back to some code or procedure that was last in your mind a year ago. I know that for myself, my coding style has so progressed that i cannot stand my old code. I MUST fix it :). Anyway, losing track.

We need to be able to have maybe a document, or a little program, that keeps track of "Threads" maybe. Procedures and their purposes. Also, actual ideas to put within the System, like Todos.

I’m sure there is lots more … and Together We Can Do IT!!!! awww, yeah, cmon, you know the feel-good feeling of feeling nice …

Anyway, i’m thinking of putting up some kind of wiki on this site … maybe. We’ll see.

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