Are You A Sheep? Cause Google Is The Shepherd

I’m a sheep. Baaa Baah. I’m easy to please, and not so smart that I don’t get excited about the "cool new things" that people like Google give to me.

So I’m wondering, directly after typing out my last post, about the effects of Google being the Shepherd. What risks are there, if any? And what about the future? What is it exactly that Google is trying to do? Just become a big Entrepreneur, a Capitalist Giant (man I love, or is it something more?

I think it’s more. Bigger than Ben Hur.

Now I’m partial to a bit of conspiracy. Or rather, the fantastical. I reckon that Nessie is alive and big. I love to imagine that Dinosaurs still walk this planet.


What I’m not gonna say is that Google is out to get control over the entire world. It’s plan lies in a different direction. A vision I think, of Information.

That’s not to say that this won’t be used for nefarious activities. I’m sure it will. But Google, in my mind, is trying to achieve a Tower of Babel in the Online world.

Whoah. That came out of nowhere. Maybe that does change things.

Anyway … if you strike the Babel idea … hmmm, I can’t get that image out of my head.

Blah. Now I can’t remember my point. Stupid imagination.

If Google is trying to bring together a massive fount of Information (which it already has), and mould that into a hundred and one different services to the Interweb, then how does that impact us?

Depends on which part of us you are. If you’re Bill and his mates, then you’re a little worried, and have begun the re-envisioning of a the once monolithic company, towards the new exciting technologies.

If you are like me, a blogger with visions of glory, then I think we can get the benefits of what they provide without worrying too much about the global scale. After all, I don’t mind a bit of a battle in the upper heavens over who is pushing out more new cool stuff.

So I guess, we’ll wait and see. The blogosphere will remain vigilant for news, and will be most excellent at thinking through the issues. That’s one of the great strengths of the blogging world. Maybe each of us hasn’t got a super-brain able to calculate the billions of computations necessary to pull all the different threads together, but there are a million and more blog-brains out here who can think through at least a few threads, and if you put all these together.

Thanks for reading, and reading … and reading.

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