Single-Minded System

There’s some cool news on Slashdot this morning (my morning). I’m not sure why exactly it’s cool, but it’s new, and a different direction.

Microsoft is creating Singularity, and new OS. Dark Side Programming has an article on it, and comes up with this:

Strong concept, I would like to see it in action to form a better opinion. It appears to me that performance could suffer, but perhaps the goal of a dependable operating system is more important to Microsoft.

I’m not sure of exactly everything this will entail … but it’s a good move from Microsoft. They are starting to generate movement. Momentum, which they have been lacking for a while. So for them, it’s good. For us? Not sure. I’d say in five years I’ll still be coding away on some kind of windows platform. Probably the new XPP (it’s got one more P … like an extra plus … it must be better).

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