Standing At The Lights

Waiting for the little green man. Waiting for the cars to clear.

When you stand at the lights, what do you wait for? The little green man, or the cars to clear?

There’s a busy intersection near my work. It is either choc-a-block full of cars, or empty. So that you can generally walk across before the little man goes green. So that means watching the cars.

The other day I was at the lights, and this thought ocurred to me.

In Development, we are either waiting for the little green man, or we are watching the cars.

What the? Has insanity finally broken Stu’s brain apart? What is this?

It’s only the beginning of a thought at the moment, but I think it has merit.

There are set standards and rules in Development. We can follow them, and get by very well. It’s safe.

And you can think around outside and watch what is happening in the world itself, see how things are reacting within the environment that is set, and react to those events. You are not waiting to see the little green man, you are waiting until the road is clear of cars.

Now, I’m not going to take this analogy any further, because it falls apart pretty easily once you push it along. But it doesn’t have to go any further. It’s this little thought that sparks more.

So, is it the little green man? Or is it the clearing of cars?

I want to think around what is set and standard, and push within the world of development we live in. Push further. Look around at the reality (cars on the street) rather than the standards (red/green men on poles).

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