Okay. So this isn’t much to do with Development.


Over here in Kangaroo-Dundee land, we’ve recently been subjected to the massive advertising campaign (from Coca-Cola) for Coke Zero.

Now. I’m a massive Sprite Zero fan. When I gave the Atkins Diet a shot (for about 4 months), Sprite Zero was my beverage of choice, having had to give up Diet Coke.

So, I’m not biased against massive corporations or anything like that.

It’s just that the latest campaign from Coca-Cola has me a little worried. Not "Sabretooth is hunting me" kind of worry. I’m quite happy to accept I’m being a little too much of a conspiracy buff/nutt … but … here goes.

I think they’re promoting anarchism, or something like it. Maybe that wasn’t the initial goal of the people in their Marketing Dept., but it’s the end result of the ads.

There is a message clear across each of the ads (tv, radio?, newspapers, billboards, …) that I’ve seen so far. That we should be living for zero resposibility. Zero end weekends, zero this, zero that. Zero consequences.

Maybe I’m just pushing to far and hard. This may well be the case. I can’t believe that a company as big as Coke would start pushing one specific ideology upon the public … but maybe they are.

I’m not writing this to give voice to my own political/spiritual/etc persuasions … just something that I’ve noticed. The more I think about it, the more it seems real.

So anyway. Perhaps I’m wrong. The guys at Coke are probably the biggest fat-cat capitalists who wouldn’t want to see their slavering masses rise against the given structures in our cultures/lands. Or maybe they really have put something in the drink that’s a supa-powerful mind-control serum thingy.

Or maybe I’ve been reading too many comics.

Anyway. Thanks for the read.

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