In Too Deep

Today was another Dawn. Incidentally ‘Dawn’ is a pretty good describing word for what happens when a truth you have been told, or something you’ve experienced before, becomes reality to you again.

Anyway, like I said, today I had another Dawn.

There needs to be care taken that no Project, no matter how important, takes over from the basic essentials. This is easy to say, harder to practice, as I’ve found. Over the break, I took a few days around christmas off, but almost all the time was getting worried about a certain project I’m trying to finish. Then there’s another bigger, far larger project, that is looming.

All of these things would have not made for a good holiday. Except that you have to switch them off, even within hours difference, when working and not working.

So it was more like a Dawn in the past week or so.

And it led me along another path. There are a few disciplines (development-wise) that I wish to keep going. Blogging here daily is one of them. Starting a few other "blogs" for want of a better word is on the agenda too. These are side alleys that should never be totally put aside. Sure, you might go a week without thinking about them, but that’s about the limit. Even the biggest project in the world should probably have a break once a week in someone’s brain.

So anyway, it’s not concise, but it’s a pattern of thought that became clearer to me over the break.

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