Mr. Night Terror

Okay, this is a little off topic. But it’s so bizarre I had to share it.

I have a vivid imagination. I mean, I’ve been writing stories since … I could write.

For a while now, my brain can have trouble, when roused from sleep, distinguishing between what is real, and what is … imaginary.

Take wednesday night for example.

I’d spent some time reading through the x-men Onslaught saga. For the non-comic-geeks reading, it’s the complicated story of how the marvel universe got beaten up, big time. When Magneto ripped out Wolvie’s adamantium skeleton, Charlie Xavier went nutso, blasting Magneto away (with his uber-mind powers). However, the little evil being that lived within Magneto at the time, tranferred across to Charlie. All of Xaviers pent up aggression/rage/badstuff was then food for this guy. Xavier starts to go bad, giving out really not-so-nice advice, and that sort of thing. Onslaught is defeated, of course, and some of the marvel heroes got to be "killed" in his defeat. Which was really just a way to get them a new storyline, which is okay. Just see-through.



I finished reading past midnight, and then spent a couple of restless hours. I’ve been pretty fluey the last while, with the whole chest/nose/throat thing going on. So that night i’d had some flu pill medication, plus some diet coke, plus some ice coffee.

Anyway, at approx 2.40 am, my world comes alive. The room is full (FULL) of evil mutants … or something bad, i can never tell. All I know is it’s time for action, and my body leaps out of bed, arms going crazy, fending off anything and everything.

When the dust clears, I’m standing at the foot of the bed, Rach is getting a little freaked out, two of my fingers are bleeding, the fan at the other side of the room is … a little worse for wear, one of the computer monitors is bent sideways, one foot is hurting, and my back feels sore.

Crazy huh. I’m not really sure what the moral of the story is, apart from … don’t read comics before bed-time.

Now, for any doctors out there … this happened to "a friend of mine".

On the up and up, I had a very deep sleep last night. No night terrors for me. Now I just gotta wait for the voices to stop :) ahem.

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