The Trouble With Toil

So I’ve got a few inklings as to why my recent activities didn’t raise any kind of excitement at all. Not even a comment. But that’s cool …

  • The idea is still not fully-formed. I don’t have a name for what i’m doing yet.
  • There was no single idea for people to immediately grasp and say, hey, I like what he’s on about.
  • There were about 5 posts in the span of a couple of hours, too hodge-podge.

So I have to resolve the idea behind Sibisy, and all the other projects I will hopefully be doing. Get a name, create some guidelines, have a set format, make a mission statement … stuff like that. I’ll also put up a subdomain of DevDawn to give it a better singlular purpose.

‘Nuff said for the moment.

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