Clarion Debugger Quick-Demo, Wink Wink

Welcome One & All to my first demonstration movie.

Edit: I’m going to steal what I wrote for a post on the Clarion newsgroups .. a little bit of fiction.

Gather round and let me tell you a tale.

One fine rainy day in Sid-en-ney Ozstrayla, a boy found a magical piece of software. Of course, it had it’s fair share of breakdowns, but magic still permeated it’s core.

And so the boy knew he could wield this weapon to bring about a crushing blow for the Kingdom of Clarion, where the Knights of Rapid Development roved the lands, seeking out Peasants and Lords alike with the ProblemsNeedFixing curse.

They were valiant warriors, given to slaying the Dragon’s of Mikerow Soft Mountain, and rescuing the fair maidens .. Ms’s Custo Meri Sright, Bo Bzisool, Thed Ebugg Errulz, and the Queen, Dontar Guewit Hsuccess.

Visit to see the fruits of the boy’s labour.

It’s not perfect, but for me, there’s a little bit of magic in the air .. something is a-stirring ..

Last night I set about finding out just what screen-capture (demonstration making) software existed. After looking at a few, I settled on Wink. It’s a fantastic piece of freeware. A great deal of features, you can capture and edit under various different scenarios. You can add a lot of functionality. Some of the demo movies I watched last night actually had me feeling like I was in the driver’s seat. Very nice.

Anyway. I have played with it for a bit, and realised there was one issue which you will hear while watching the movie. That’s right, there is a sound problem. Not a great big one .. but enough to warrant checking out some of the other software.

However, for the moment, I have gone ahead with this demonstration of the Clarion Debugger (a very VERY quick one) using Wink.

The movie (.swf) is just under 4 megabytes large.

Clarion Debugger Demonstration

Unfortunately, as I’m a complete newb, the movie size is far greater in size than the Dev Dawn page width. It’s 1169*823 .. so many apologies. I have tested shrinking the movie .. but it really screws with the quality. Quality of the visuals, not the bloke yapping on :).


  • Making a demonstration, even a short one, takes some preparation. At least the first few times. You have to have a concrete purpose in your head, or you just ramble. I must have done half a dozen or more takes on this demo. Even now, there are a lot of problems with it. So ..
    • Have a clear purpose
    • No ummmms
    • Don’t be afraid to talk slowly
    • End the movie before you get Kapture Kreep (a distant cousin to Feature Creep)

Of course, I broke all of these, and all other rules I don’t know yet, along the way .. so take the notes with a large white crystalised grain of salt.

I hope this will be of some assistance to .. anyone. I’ve only been using the debugger for about a week, if that. And it’s just so impacted my development life that I had to spread the word.

Stu Out

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