Wow, Another Gear Grind, Supa


First off .. this is not about Development, not really. It’s just a good old fashioned gear grinding session.

Second off .. (that phrasing doesn’t really work the second time around) .. my recent influx of postings is a joy to me, because I’ve come out of some kind of lethargic stupor regarding interacting with the web.

Third off .. no. It just doesn’t work :).


A couple of weeks back, I had to return a WAAAY overpriced Serenity dvd (I know, I should have just kept it, but I can’t see how Joss Whedon is getting the extra money this particular store was charging for it) .. and the store didn’t do refunds (of which I’m dubious of, but don’t know the aussie law that well) .. so I got a swap. Ended up getting Family Guy Season 4.

Edit: Can I just say, to erase any misunderstanding .. the store referred to in the previous paragraph is NOT EzyDVD.

Haven’t had any problems dealing with EzyDVD, and they do great specials.

I can remember watching the first season long time back in about 2000 when it first hit aussie screens. It was at about 10.30pm at night. Silly Aussies didn’t pick it up, or the networks didn’t want to really show it .. but the next memory comes in about 2002 (or thereabouts) when the Season 1 dvd was on sale in a Tamworth Grace Bros/Target/?? for about $16.


From then we bought the next two seasons as they appeared.

So, although we’ve started cooling on season 4 (it’s been on telly lately), I thought, why not. Pick it up. Watch the eps that haven’t showed yet.

As you can see from the afore-typed link (to the EzyDVD item, it’s the picture, at the top of the box), there’s a big title that says Complete Season 4 Collection.


Not. Funny. At. All.

Talk about anger management issues. I opened the case.

Hmmm. No little guide as the last three have had. Okay. That’s a little off-putting but .. WAIT.


There’s thirteen episodes in the whole entire case. Possibly I should have been more careful and read the back of the dvd better, it does actually say something about 13 episodes.

But I can guarantee you there aren’t 13 episodes in the season.

So I do a little digging.

It seems there’s quite a bit of confusion about just what makes up Season 4.

If you check out the episode guide on the Family Guy Website (it’s flash, so you have to select it yourself, can’t link to it), there’s 30 episodes in the season (3 of which comprise the Untold Stewie Griffon Story, a dvd that was released earlier this year, so possibly that takes the tally down to 27).

EpGuides listing currently has the count at 17, which seems a little wierd. However, looking at the listing it’s got 30 episodes.

All in all, I’d say this is a money-making scheme. I’m pretty sure that the guys who actually do the show wouldn’t stoop that low. They don’t have to. It seems out of character. But there are plenty of other people in the whole creation of the dvd loop that would.

So .. a ballsup. I hope someone calls Fox, or whoever actually did this.

I’d like to get my extra 17 episodes .. so that I have the Entire Season 4 Collection.

‘Nuff Grinding .. Babbled on way too long today.

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